Where Have I Been?

It’s no secret. I haven’t been posting as regularly as I usually do. But I’ve been pushing myself to produce content for you guys. However, my last article, I was not entirely pleased with as a final post, and I hate that. Now, I don’t want to make any excuses. I’m not trying to justify the fact that I haven’t been posting. However, I would like to take this article to explain myself.

I want everything that I produce on this website to feel genuine, real, and authentic. Lately, I’ve been so crazy-insane busy with pre-graduation, the last couple week of classes, getting ready to move to a new city and start a new education, and just trying to enjoy every second of these final senior year moments. It’s a little surreal for me how many things are starting to end. I’ve attended my last CAB meeting, had my senior day for my tennis team, honors convocation, last week of classes– last this and last that. I graduated on Saturday… can you believe that? I’ve been spilling over with so many different emotions from excitement, fear, love, bliss, tears, anger, and panic.

And I’ve tried writing this down for you, trust me. However, it’s so… undeniably hard for me to describe exactly how split this time in my life is. I find myself absolutely ready to move on one day and the next, you couldn’t tear me away from here. I’ve written little vignettes entitled “lost” or “ready” or “fearless,” but none of them feel quite ready to expose yet. I need more time.

So, I’m asking for more time. I know that people have been asking me where my posts are and what I’ve been up to, and the thing is, I want this website to constantly be an authentic representation of who I am and I just don’t have the capacity to produce that content at this time. That does not mean I’m not working, it just means you might not see it yet. I need to allow my work to sit with me for a little before I press publish.

Sit back, relax, and stay tuned. There will always, always be much more coming. I promise 🙂

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