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Stuff I Love: Make-Up Edition

What Kind of Make-Up Have I Been Loving?

Welcome back to another edition of “Stuff I Love!” In today’s post I’m going to be showcasing all of the make-up products that I use on a regular basis. I guess, in a Youtube Beauty Guru way, you could call this my everyday make-up routine. I’m going to try to include links to all these products below, but if I can’t provide the exact product, I’ll link something similar. Hope you enjoy! Oh, and I also promise this is not sponsored by Clinique (although I admittedly which it was) I just love their products!

First off, I always like to start with a moisturizer. This is by far my all-time favorite one. It’s called the Clinique Moisture Surge for all over the face use. I find this very hydrating, and as you can tell, I’v used the entire sample bottle I received in a gift bag. I will definitely be purchasing the full size soon! Ps. don’t mind all the black smudges. My eyeliner brush likes to get on EVERYTHING.

Once I prime my face with that moisturizer, I apply my foundation. I like something with really light coverage, so a BB Cream is usually my go-to. I’ve been loving the Ulta BB Cream in Light, because it does give me coverage, but it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a ton of make-up. I apply this with my (much needing a wash) beauty blender. I bought this e.l.f blender from Walmart, but you can pretty much find a version of a beauty blender in any drug store (and for super cheap). Now, to cover my under-eye circles, I use this Double Duty foundation from Ulta. This could be used as an all-over foundation, since it is a primer and foundation mix, but I think it’s too thick for a full-face. Therefore, I use it under my eyes in a lighter tone (“Classic Ivory” to be exact) in order to also highlight my under-eyes.

Next, I’ll go in with another Clinique favorite, the Stay-Matte face powder. I was on the hunt for a new face powder, and obviously I gravitated towards the beautiful marble packaging that Clinique does. Plus, the powder itself is exactly what I was looking for. This solidifies my face, but again, doesn’t feel too heavy. I apply this with an Eco Tools brush that broke literal months ago that I have yet to replace. I think it’s kind of cute though? Maybe? Let me keep telling myself that.

Now for one of my favorite steps: the bronzer and highlight. For as cheap as e.l.f products are, I find their quality rather substantial. I like mixing the bronzer and blush combo here in order to contour my face. Once I finish that, I put on my highlighter, which is this perfect shimmery shade. I like the “Moonlight Pearls” highlighter the best, but they come in all sorts of shades.

Now my blush is actually a deep shade of rose from this Lorac palette I received maybe two Christmases ago. I apply my bronzer and blush with the same brush I do my face powder, which I know isn’t really ideal for the perfect contour, but since I only barely contour my face anyway (mostly use bronzer just to warm up my skin in the summer time) I think it suffices. Sometimes, I’ll stop my make-up routine after this step– I don’t even touch my eyes. However, that’s only on super lazy days.

Onto the eyes, I always like to prime first. For someone who wears eye shadow on a regular basis, a primer is a must so that it doesn’t end up sliding all over my lids by the end of the day. I know that this cream isn’t exactly made for that, but I’ve found that it works. Once again, a Clinique product, I adore this All About Eyes cream.

For everyday, I just put one shadow all over my lid. I love this Clinique mini palette. This shade is the perfect mix of purple and brown, which really makes my green eyes stand out. I apply this all of my lid with a regular Eco Tools fluffy brush.

And for the finishing touch, the lashes. I featured this Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara in my “Stuff I Love: Christmas Edition” post, but I’m still not over it. I use the mascara every single day, and now I’ll never turn back. Of course, before I apply this mascara, I do curl my lashes with a simple eyelash curler.

And that completes the look! I hope you guys enjoyed this edition of “Stuff I Love” and stay tuned for more.


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