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Exactly one year ago today, I opened up some tabs on my desktop and starting searching how to start a website. Now, because I’m mad impatient, as all of you know, I spent four straight hours creating my first version of this website. I was so happy, I posted an Instagram about it at 11PM. Why was I so excited?? Because of all of you!

I started posting articles on my because I just… had no idea where else to put them! I shared my first article, “For Pretty Girls” on my site, not thinking anyone would really read it, but knowing I had to put it out there. Then, I received this massive feedback! That sort of catalyst pushed me to keep writing for the next couple months, and then to a website. If you would like to hear the full story of why I started this site, you can watch my Website Relaunch video here.

Now, for QSS’s birthday, I decided to link some of my favorite articles from the past year. Click the pictures to be taken to the full article!


I wrote “Almost” in the exact state you see the picture of me in: late-night, roommate out doing work, sports bra, Ben & Jerry’s, and a blank document. That’s usually how most of these articles go. However, this one was a long time coming. “Almost relationships” are what I call “being in a relationship but not putting a title one it for whatever reason” or “being a ‘thing.'” And in this “thing,” I almost wish I never would have answered the door.

“6 Months Later”

Composure. That’s all this article took. I’ve never really been afraid of opening up about my heartbreaks, challenges, or… anything really. I would consider myself a rather open, emotional person. However, I sometimes can be too open. I didn’t want this article to be a giant blurb of hatred or regret or “oh woe is me.” I wanted it to be profound. I wanted it to say, “hey listen, this sucked, but this is what I’ve learned.” This was me looking back at a relationship that almost destroyed me and coming out stronger on the other side. “Love the person you are because you’ve fought so much to become her.”


Stop. Saying. Sorry.

“Saint Marys, I Don’t Care What You Think.”

An ode to my wonderful home-town and all the reasons why I’m leaving it.

“OOTD: Skin Tight”

My all-time favorite #OOTD to date! #fashionfriday is so fun for me to do, and this article focused a little less on the clothes and more about how I felt in them. I’m a firm believer that you should wear clothes that make you feel good rather than look good. I, like all girls, can be a little insecure about my body– I never wear things this tight. However, I decided to go or it this day and I felt like a damn queen. Dare to wear, ladies. Dare to wear.

“One Year Later”

And finally, my all-time favorite article I’ve done (and the one I’m most proud of) is this. This is me. This is as confessional and unapologetic as it gets. This is me opening up about a time in my life where I felt most low. It really helped me, and I hope it also helps you. It’s been almost two years now, and I’m stronger than ever.


I hope you enjoyed this little rewind! Comment down below what you’re favorite article has been. Here’s to even more pushing myself, opening up, exploring, an writing, writing writing in this next year. Stay tuned… you’re not going to want to miss this.

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