#OOTD: Green Eyed Girl

Contacts are back, woo!

If you follow me on Instagram or have been keeping up with my #fashionfriday articles, then you know I’ve been wearing my glasses quite frequently. Reason being, I ran out of contacts. I FINALLY made an appointment to have my eyes examined, and I now have my contacts back! Why is this such a big deal? Because for the first time in over six years… these aren’t colored contacts. I’ve always had green eyes, but when I was in high school, for some insecure reason, I hated that. It’s not that I didn’t want my eyes to be green, I just wanted them to be a different green. I wanted them brighter, bolder, and “greener.” So, I asked my mom and she said I could order colored contacts if I really wanted them. Even when that brand discontinued those colored lenses, I switched brands. This time? I went for clear. These are my eyes, these are their color, and that’s just how it’s going to be from now on.

It seems such a silly thing to be uncomfortable about, but I was for so long. Stop thinking that the things you feel insecure about are stupid. It’s okay to have self-doubt about parts of your body, even the minute. Even in this #OOTD post I thought “should I photoshop that giant bruise on my leg out of it?” Then thought, even louder, “heck no! Why hide that I’m super clumsy and ran into a table?” (yes… that happened).

Now as for my outfit, I feel SO CONFIDENT in this little two-piece. I know, I know, I’m hopping on the off-the-shoulder trend, but come on? How gorgeous is this top? My mom (who’s style I constantly admire) picked this up for me at TJMaxx for my upcoming beach trip. I cannot wait to wear this down by the sand! These high-waisted cotton shorts are a total random purchase from three (?) years ago. I picked them from a $5 bin at Forever21 and they are STILL just as soft and comfy. I love the big detail zipper on the back, as well. I then paired these with some vintage earrings from my great-grandmother. I love the light blue! I also slipped on my infamous white Keds to finish off the look.

When I wear this to the beach, I think I’ll swipe out the shorts for some little lacey ones with my Birkenstocks and let’s be real, probably a ponytail (hello heatwave). You can transition two-pieces like this in so many ways!

I hope you enjoyed this #OOTD and remember, wear what makes you feel good, feel yourself, and feel your best!

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