Stop Thinking Self-Deprecation is Cool

“If you make it okay to put yourself down, others will think it’s okay, too.”

I know it’s popular. I’ve seen the tweets, too, people, and yes, I think some of them are funny. For example, there’s an entire BuzzFeed article dedicated to this kind of humor, and to be transparent, I laughed. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for being able to laugh at yourself. There are some days where you broke a cereal bowl, spilled your lunch on your shirt, forgot to check your email or go to an appointment, failed a test, AND tripped on the way home where you just have to make a “my life is the worst” joke. I think being able to laugh at yourself in those moments is a great way to cope with a bad day, but that’s just it. It was only a bad day.

Turning self-deprecation into a cool trend is exactly the opposite of cool. Belittling and undervaluing oneself is not what we should be using the internet for. You are not #foreveralone. You are not as lost as you may seem. You are not trash. You are valuable. You are brave, wise, and capable. And if you don’t think you’re there, get there. Stop eating eight-hundred chicken nuggets and feeling sorry for yourself. Take a second to wallow, fall down, and then get back up. You can change your life at any moment. I know it’s trendy to make fun of yourself via a clever Instagram caption, but how about you use that space to spread some love? To say something kind? To maybe reveal you’re negative reality at the moment but reassure the positivity in the future? Instead of saying “I lost my rental book; my life is the worst,” say “I lost my rental book, but here’s to the best scavenger hunt yet! Cross your fingers for me!”

There is so much good on this earth, so much good right inside of yourself, and we need to be promoting that over silly #wcw jokes or side-by-sides of you and garbage cans. Let’s make positivity trendy. Let’s post smiles over “resting bitch faces.” Let’s stop the negative comments about ourselves and start loving ourselves openly and freely. It may seem modest to put yourself down, but if you make it okay to put yourself down, others will think it’s okay, too. There is NOTHING selfish about loving yourself. There’s nothing wrong with spreading that kind of faith in your body, your mind, your choices. Self-deprecation is not cool. YOU are cool. Start saying it.

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