GAP Girl in a Designer World

And I’m not even living in Manhattan…

I’ve always been a GAP, TJMaxx, sale section, hand-me-down kind of girl. I thrive off a good deal. Some of my favorite pieces are from Ebay (not “new with tag”). I’ve never been one to crave “designer” things.

My Mimi, who has worked very hard in her life and hasn’t always had it easy, opened me up to the world of Bloomingdales and Peligrino when I was thirteen. We went to NYC, her, my mom, and my other grandmother for me to be part of the Rockette Summer Experience. (Can you say best birthday gift EVER?!?!) During my time off, we would shop around the city, bouncing between Rockefeller, 5th Ave, and more. I remember, vividly, the first time I ever walked into a Cole Haan. The whole store was encased in gold, as if I was about to unwrap the most delicious candy. Inside, we were immediately greeted by a gentleman, in a fancy suit, who asked if we needed help. Mimi, who was on a mission, of course had something she wanted to see right away. We were offered water, seats on glittery cushions, and I took in every second of watching people run back and forth with the right size patented-leather pumps for my grandmother.

For me, high-end shopping has always been a luxury. A new Vera Bradley wallet was the closest I ever came to a designer handbag. On that same birthday, my Mimi gifted me with a Tiffany necklace that I still wear to this day. Pieces of that price and quality were something that I treasured because it meant someone worked very hard and felt that I deserve something that nice. All of my expensive pieces, from my Burberry scarf to my Lily dresses are attached to a very special memory. Walking into Sax 5th Ave for the first time is something every girl treasures.

However, in Long Island, experiencing that kind of shopping has become somewhat of an norm for me. I recently started working at the Abercrombie & Fitch as a keyholder in Roosevelt Field. Roosevelt carries stories from H&M to Kate Spade to Dick’s to Neiman. I’ve walked into Steve Madden and have been treated the same as if I walked into American Eagle. So many different kinds of people, from a $100 budget to “budget? what’s that?” shop at this mall. As a fashion lover, it’s been absolute heaven to experience both.

I’m new to retail. I’m new to sales goals and selling and merchandising. I’ve spent the past five years wiping peanut butter and jelly off kids mouths. I know very little about the world I’m about to dive into, but isn’t that kind of the best part? Not only will I be learning about how these types of operations run from behind the scenes, but I’ll be able to pull inspiration from all avenues of designers, textiles, and brands. I’ll meet so many different kinds of people and learn what it’s really like to sell clothes to people you don’t know, versus sno-cones to kids I grew up with.

I know that I’m not working at ones of these designer brands, but they’re just within my reach. I’m not some thirteen-year-old girl with a drawstring and dELIAS peacoat anymore. Show me what you’ve got, Roosevelt. I’m ready.

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    Madison Marie
    August 29, 2017 at 7:53 am

    Super cute post, Sophie <3 After living in Pennsylvania all my life and having to drive hours to get to a decent mall, it is SUCH a luxury to live in a big city now and be just moments away from a Chanel counter or a high-end department store. However, with all of these wonderful stores RIGHT within my reach, I really have to limit my spending! 😉
    Good luck with your new job + new adventure!


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