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14 Things to Do This Valentine’s Day

My most FAVORITE day of the year, Valentine’s Day, is just around the corner. If you’re reading this wondering, “why on earth does she love this stupid holiday so much?” you can read last year’s article called “Why I love Valentine’s Day So Much.” That will explain to you why I have such an affinity for this day. In loo of that, I thought I’d give you guys a list of fourteen things you can do with a date, your friend, your family, or anyone who you love on this beautiful day!

1.) Take A Walk in the Park

This one is a personal favorite of mine. One of Dan and I’s favorite things to do is take the subway into the city on random night. We usually just talk on the ride from Queens to 57th Street, but occasionally we play a game on his phone… or teach me Spanish songs (lol). Once we arrive, we like to stop at Starbucks and get two hot chocolates to take into Central Park. There’s this spot that probably has a name where you can sit and look at all these beautiful lights. Dan took me here on our third date, and now it’s one of our favorite things to do 🙂 A walk in the park is such an underrated date!

2.) Diner Date

In honor of Leslie Knope, take your gal pals out for breakfast! What’s a better excuse for getting a little mimosa happy over Eggs Benedict than a day catching up with your girlfriends? I recommend a local diner 🙂 Or Denny’s because unlimited pancakes.

3.) Make a Card

This seems so simple and trivial, but I promise, a home-made card goes a long way. There’s a lot of hype on Pinterest about the date-night popsicle stick mason jars or “open when” envelopes love letters, but a simple “Happy Valentine’s Day Card” is not only cute, but nostalgic. Make something beautiful and lacey to send to your mom. Buy some Scooby-Doo foldable cards like when you were six and you had to give everyone in your class a Valentine and pass them around to your coworkers! Send your Dad something funny, because if your dad is anything like mine, a card with a random goat on it will make him chuckle all day.

4.) Make Cookies

I know decorating sugar cookies seems like a Christmas thing, but who doesn’t love a heart-shaped cookie? I buy the simple Pillsbury pre-shaped ones from my local grocery store. Add some Funfetti icing and some sprinkles on top and you’re good to go. My secret? Go to a TJMaxx Home Goods to buy the sprinkles. They have the cutest, cheapest jars of sprinkles. I’ll never buy them anywhere else. Plus, this activity is so fun to do with your friends or with your partner.

5.) Repeat Dates

I love repeat dates. Dan and I went on some spectacular dates when we first started seeing each other and I love to go back to those places! Sip This in Valley Stream is the querkiest, coolest place to get coffee that we love. We go to the movies all the time to relive our second date, sit in the same seat and everything. Sometimes we drive down to Long Beach just to sit on the boardwalk and wish it was warm enough to get Ralph’s ice cream again. Take your loved one to a loved place. You don’t have to come up with some giant, new plan or go somewhere extravagant. My favorite dates are the one’s in the details, and going back to a place that is significant in my heart is always the best.

6.) Call Your Mom

No really, call your mom. Call your grandmother. Call your dad. Call your sister, your brother, your brother’s girlfriend, your brother’s boyfriend, your boyfriend. Pick up the phone and tell someone you love them. Even a simple “Hey mom, you rock! Thanks for loving me” is all it takes. Don’t just send someone a million little red hearts over text. Call them.

7.) Take a Bath

Spending Valentine’s Day alone? Pamper yourself! Load up the bubble bath with that Lush bath bomb you’ve been saving, pour a gigantic glass of wine, put on your favorite Netflix binge, and relax. Shave your legs. Do a face mask. Put on your favorite underwear and lay in your bed. There’s nothing wrong with taking a night for some self-care. Or, if you’re not into baths, take a long hot shower and paint your nails. Eat ALL of the candy in your bed. Order a Dominos pizza. Indulge in something. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about loving others, it’s about loving yourself.

8.) Make Everything Heart-Shaped

Pancakes. Pizza. Cookies. Whatever you eat or make that day, make it into a heart. If you’re not really into decorating or celebrating, this is the simplest way to show some spirit!

9.) Confess

Alright, so this one is going to take a little extra courage, but I’m a firm believer in the fact that Valentine’s Day is the one day a year where even the most shy and insecure person should get up all the gumption to tell someone they like them. That boy you’ve been starting at in Anthropology? Yeah, tell him. After class, catch up to him or linger a little in the hallway and just say “hey, so I think you’re pretty cool. Would you want to hang out sometime?” Even if it goes poorly, at least you tried and at least you can blame it on Valentine’s Day. Remember in the ultimate love movie Love Actually when the one guy holds up the giant poster board pieces saying “just because it’s Christmas” and confesses his love to Keira Knightly? Do that. Use this day to confess that you’ve got feelings for someone, romantic or not. I don’t care if you have to use a holiday as an excuse to start over, start over. Tell them.

10.) Retail Therapy

Now, I see no reason why anyone should be down in the dumps all day long on this day, but if you happen to loathe this holiday with all your might, shop. I’m serious, ladies. One time after a bad heartbreak my mom sent me to the mall and buying a new scarf really did make me feel better. So go out and buy something for yourself! Splurge on a necklace, get a new pair of boots, buy a coffee. Try on all the clothes even if you won’t buy them. Take a girlfriend and each pick out the silliest thing you see to try one. Go to the thrift store and see what you can get for $10. Time yourselves. Go.

11.) Watch A Movie, and NOT A Love Movie

Do cheesy romantic comedies make you want to die a little bit? Take this day to watch everything but. Have a Harry Potter marathon. Watch all the Fast & Furious in a row. Binge Breaking Bad. Sincerely, don’t pull out he tissues. Pull out the beer and relax. Although when Dumbledore dies, I will admit I tear up.

12.) Build a Fort

To be honest, you can do this any day of the week any time of the year, but let’s take this day to make it extra cute. Dan and I like to extend a sheet across from my window to my dresser, set up a lot of pillows, set my laptop on my desk chair, and watch something. I am obsessed with twinkly lights, so I have a bunch strung throughout my room that we can turn on. To make it extra special, hang some paper hearts from the ceiling or pour some pink wine because pink makes everything more Valetine’sy. You don’t have to go out just to celebrate. Sometimes a night in is just what your soul needs.

13.) Go To a Bar

Hold up, hold up, I know this sounds like a bad idea. Isn’t a bar where all the single people go to hook up? Well, maybe. If you’re into that, do it. If not, who says you and your girlfriends can’t get all dressed up and sip on some cherry vodka sours? Dance your face off! Meet up for happy hour. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy a night out.

14.) I Love You

Just say it. Just say I love you. You don’t need a long paragraph of feelings or some eight page letter. Just tell someone you love them. It’s the best feeling in the world.

I hope everyone has a blessed, blissful, and heart-filled Valentine’s Day!

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