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Best of 2019

Best Jean

My High-Rise Mom Jeans from Abercrombie & Fitch are hands down the best jean of 2019. I love the mom jean trend, but I could never find a pair that fit me perfectly until I stumbled across these. I wear them straight-leg or cuffed with sneakers, booties, rain boots, whatever! They get even comfier the more you wear them in. Could not suggest more.

The Best Accessory

My amazon hair clips and my LOFT headbands have been basically the only way I wear my hair on a daily basis all of 2019. Long or short! These hair clips come in a huge pack with lots of different styles for only ten dollars and two day shipping. You seriously cannot beat that. These headbands are the comfiest I have found, and hello… velvet? They’re my preppy, Audrey Hepburn dream come true. I hope they never go out of style.

Best Meal

This meal is so good, I had to have the exact same one twice. Dan and I discovered this restaurant in Chelsea back in Memorial Day and we just recently went back. The pizza is out of this world: thin, crispy, and a bunch of unique combos to try. They have a decent sized menu with other Italian classics (but we all know my heart lies with the pizza). Only downfall: they do not currently have their liquor license, but if that doesn’t bother you then this place is perfect. I recommend having an early dinner here and then taking a nice walk around the quiet neighborhood of Chelsea and stopping at The Standard Biergarten. They have a bucket of beer for only $20 and you can play all the ping pong you want. Now that’s my kind of night.

Best Moment

The graduations! This year, I graduated with my MFA in Creative Writing from Hofstra University. My family traveled all the way from PA to spend the weekend clinking wine glasses and sitting through a painfully long ceremony but it was all worth it! Honestly, proudest moment of my life so far. I worked very hard those two years with my full-time job, writing a manuscript, and keeping up with my classes. No small feat. Then, one weekend later, I traveled to PA to see my little bro graduate with his business degree from Saint Vincent College. They were two fun, family-filled weekends with lots to celebrate.

Best Make-Up

I went through A LOT of trial and error to find the perfect mascara and this. is. it. The Lash Doubling Mascara from Clinique makes my lashes thick, long, and luscious. Plus, it wipes off so easy! No more scrubbing your eyes and still waking up looking like a racoon.

Best Recipe

My discovery of crockpot wings this year is the best thing to happen to my Sundays. I use this recipe here, but feel free to switch up the sauces! I also have a video on how to make my version of them as a highlight on my instagram page under “cooking.” Be sure to follow me at sherzing13 to see it!

Best Movie

Avengers Endgame

Need I say more?

Best Show

I’m at the end season 3 and I started… 3 weeks ago. It’s just so funny! If you’re a New Girl or Parks & Rec fan, you’re going to love this. (And thank you, Dan, for finally making me watch this).

Best Date

NYC Christmas Date! One of Dan’s Christmas gifts to me was spending a day in the city for Christmastime. For me, there’s NOTHING more magical than NYC at Christmastime. We went to Grand Central Station to walk around the holiday fair and buy ornaments from my favorite Craftspring for my mom, bought new phones, saw the tree, went to eat our favorite pizza and drink our favorite beer, and made it all home in time for a movie. I think it’s our new Christmas tradition 🙂

Best Song

Okay.. so this song came out in 2018… but it’s still the song of the year for me!

“Modernity has failed us and I’d love it if we made it.”

Best Vacation

Sure, it was my only vacation but I’d still pick it as my favorite! My family of four (yes, Ian went, he’s just not pictured) went on vacation to Seabrook Island in South Carolina. The beach was serene and sunny. The house was secluded and filled with late night card games and Coca-Cola’s. We laughed a ton, we made fun of each other a ton, and yes we did watch the Loretta Lynn movie twice in the same week. I made my first trip to Charleston and I am definitely going back to explore more! This trip was probably the last time just the four of us will be on a vacation together without fiancés, husbands, wives, or children. It truly was a special time to spend together.

Best of the Best

Lastly, the best thing about 2019 was actually the end of it. Sure, this seems like a glittering page of bests but it was a hard year. My anxiety reared its ugly head again, I found myself for the first time struggling to relax, and I lost my love for creating and writing things. But, right at the very end in the last couple weeks of December I found all of that again. I’m much more calm and I started doing things I love for that pure fact: because I love them. Here’s to doing what I love and having FUN in 2020 just for the sake of it.

I wish you all the best in 2020 friends 🙂

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