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Sunday Review: Elf vs. Clinique

Welcome back to the Sunday Review! Today’s review? Which foundation do I prefer: Elf or Clinique.

I recently switched from beloved tinted moisturizer from Ulta because it was causing my face to break-out after about two years of using it. I decided to try the Elf foundation mostly, to be honest, because it was cheap. Then, for Christmas, I received the Clinique foundation. I wanted to compare both to see if price really does matter.

First off, I use the Clinque Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer in the color CN02 Breeze. This foundation retails for $29.50. What I love right away about this foundation is the applicator. You unscrew the top and there’s a little application stick so you can dot your face and then use your brush/beauty blender to apply all around you face. Then, I’ve been using the Elf Flawless Satin Foundation in 210 Natural. This is a squirt bottle, which I don’t love as much, but it’s easy to pump onto the back of your hand and then use your brush/beauty blender to apply.

What I noticed right away is that the Clinique foundation is THICK. You don’t need a lot to get full-coverage. Also, compared to the Elf foundation, the Clinique one is more full-coverage, which I like for the winter months. I tend not to wear a heavy foundation in the summer just because I don’t like to sweat in it during the hotter weather, but I do like it for the colder months. The Elf foundation has more of a warmer undertone versus the pinker undertone of the Clinque.

I then went in and applied the rest of my makeup: concealer, powder, bronzer, blush, and some highlight. I have some acne breakouts on the right side of my cheek as you can see, but the foundation covered them pretty well!

The difference between the two? application and coverage. If you want something with absolute full-coverage that can last all day, I suggest the Clinique. The Elf foundation tends to wear off throughout the day. I wore the Clinique to school on Thursday and it kept all day long while on Friday when I wore the Elf I could tell that it wasn’t fully as on as it was in the morning. Therefore, I do actually think that the Clinique foundation is worth the money. However, the Elf foundation will do the trick if you don’t want to splurge!

Let me know down below if you’d like to see more Sunday reviews including a comparison of two products from different brands. Other than that, check back next week for another review!

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