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Sunday Review: Mini Hunter Boots

The review is in! Keep reading to see what I think about the mini hunter boot.

I’ve been a lover of Hunter boots ever since I was in high school. I used to pin pictures of the rain boots on my Pinterest, hoping to one day own a pair. Then, for Christmas about four years ago, my grandmother gifted me with my first pair! A tall, black patent leather boot with the classic hunter clasp and logo. To say I wore these almost every day would be an understatement.

However, the tall version of the rain boots aren’t always ideal. With mom jeans coming back into style in the past two years, tall rain boots are not as versatile. I could only wear them if I wore tights with a dress/skirt or skinny jeans. Also, they weren’t always comfortable to wear to places where I would be sitting a majority of the time because when you cross your legs, the boots also have to cross and can be a tad wonky.

That’s when I discovered my love for the mini Hunter boots at the ankle length. Once I knew which exact pair I wanted, the color was the trickiest choice. These boots I’m wearing come in a variety of colors. They are actually named the Women’s Original Gloss Chelsea Boot and retails for $135. My exact boot are available here for $87 down from $145! I knew I wanted this light grey color because my wardrobe consists of a lot of gray and navy, which I think these boots fit perfect for.

I wear these a ton of ways! I’ve worn them with my mom jeans, with leggings, and with dresses. They are perfect for this end of January slush we are having. I like to layer with some thicker socks to give the boots a little more dimension, or just wear them with a white ankle sock for something more casual.

I could not love these boots more. They’ve become my everyday footwear. I highly recommend! See you next week for another Sunday review 🙂 Here is a link to last week’s post in case you missed it!

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