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NYC Valentine’s Day Dates!

Valentine’s Day is… my favorite day of the year. If you don’t believe me or don’t understand why, click here to learn! Thus, I decided to share some cool date spots in the NYC area. Whether you have a boyfriend/girlfriend or just want to take a friend or family member to hang, these places are for sure a hit.

Sip This

Valley Stream, Long Island

I almost don’t want to tell you about this place it’s that good. This has been Dan and I’s little hidden gem since a week into dating. Dan took me here over two years ago to have a coffee. The atmosphere is so calm, the people are so, so nice, and I mean com’on… the twinkly lights? You know I’m a sucker for them.

Sip This also, on top of the great coffee and carrot cake, hosts events and you can find a calendar of them here on their website. Once, Dan and I went here for some coffee and stumbled upon an open mic night for poetry. I was so nervous, but Dan pushed me to spontaneously go up and read and it was the best night ever. They also hang local art on the walls for purchase that is constantly changing. They’re a local business that supports other entrepreneurs, artists, and more. Oh, and they brew coffee.

I highly recommend this as the perfect low-key, first-date Valentine’s Day spot!

Afternoon Tea, Bergdorf’s

Bergdorf Goodman, 754 5th Ave, New York, NY

Now, this is a splurge, but oh is it worth it! This is the perfect spot to take your mom, your grandma, or your girlfriends for a good old-fashioned Galentine’s Day. There is nothing I love more than a good afternoon tea with some cucumber sandwiches, scones, and marmalade.

The staff at Bergdorf’s is incredibly nice and accommodating. I highly recommend a cictrus green tea (a personal fav) but they have a superb variety and it is served HOT which is the best. My mom and I recently went here before the holiday and felt so spoiled. Plus, the view from 5th Ave isn’t so bad either 🙂

Central Park and Coffee

Central Park and literally any of the Starbucks in a five block radius.

I know, I know… this sounds too simple. But those are the best dates! This is Dan and I’s favorite date and we did it so often when we were first going out. If you live in Queens, take the F from Jamaica-179th St to 57th St. Walk up 57th until you hit the park. Stop at the Starbucks and get a hot chocolate. Walk to the ice skating rink. Stare at the lights. Admire the ESSEX signs and the sounds of 5th Ave nearby. Done. End of story.

I could sit here and talk to Dan for days, and you know what, I just might. (Also, a Five Guys is pretty close so grab a burger while you’re at it.)

Witches Brew

West Hempstead, NY

West Hempstead holds a very special place in my heart. This is where I first moved when I came to NY when I was so lost, so confused, and oh so broke. Who knew that right around the corner would become one of my favorite places?

This space is so divine. You know Halloweentown? When Grandma is digging in her magical bag and pulls out all the spooky stuff? This place is like the inside of that bag. IT’s creepy, yet inviting. The menu is HUGE and they serve you tea in these amazing teapots. They have vegan/vegetarian options for all their food (which even if you’re not, you can’t tell it’s so good). The gluten-free rainbow cake is some of the best cake I’ve ever had. You could go to Witches Brew 30 times and still not try all the flavors of hot tea.

My order? Split a mac and cheese, split a piece of cake, and order two black and white iced coffees. This place is perfect for a romantic, intimate date on the velvet couches, sitting and talking and making googly eyes at each other. But, it’s also a fun place to take your friends and order some food to share. West Hempstead, and this place, will always be at the top of my list.

Press Lounge

653 11th Ave, New York, NY

This is a CLASSy date people. They wouldn’t let my friend up once cause he was wearing chinos with the stripes down the side and they thought he was wearing track pants. They make you take your hat off. BUT the champagne cocktail is to die for.

Even more to die for is the VIEW. You get a double whammy of the Hudson River and the city. The glass wrap-around balcony outside is the perfect spot to sit with a candle and a cocktail and enjoy a nice Valentine’s Day.

I recommend stopping here as a before-dinner drink spot. Splurge on some gin & tonics and then grab a cheap burger at a pub. They do serve some food, but I find it to be way overpriced. The beer pretzel is good… but not that good. However, I simply cannot express enough how stellar the view is. It’s so romantic to stare at the city lights with a loved one.

Well, we’ve come to the end.

I’d love to sit here and gab more about my favorite NYC spots (which are a lot because let’s get real… I adore NYC), but I think I’ll keep this post at these five! If you’d like to see more posts on places to go in NYC comment down below!

I hope you thoroughly enjoy your Valentine’s Day this year. Go kiss you boo, call your mom and say you love her, give your best friend a hug. It’s a day of love, so spread it!

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