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The Sunday Review: AE Summer Dresses

If you know me, you know that I adore a good summer dress. Something flowy, cute, and comfortable with a pair of tennis sneakers is my go to look all spring and summer. So, when I saw on American Eagle’s instagram that they just dropped a ton of summer dresses, I knew I had to go review them.

The first dress I tried on was the AE Halter Babydoll Dress in this fun striped pattern. I loved everything about this dress. I think it’s super flattering with the open back. I think the print is flirty, and so are the tiered sections of the skirt. The only probably I have is that for girls like me who have a bigger chest and a smaller waist, there’s a tad bit too much side-boob for a day to day style. If I were going on vacation, I’d have bought it! I just don’t think I could wear it casually around New York. But if you have a smaller chest, I think this is the adorable!

The next “dress” I thought I was trying on was actually this super cute romper. This is called the AE Embroidered Button Front Romper. I think I actually could have benefited from trying on the small in this romper. I usually don’t look good in rompers because I have a bigger chest and longer torso than most, but I really loved this! Would I buy it? Probably not, but it was still super cute.

This next dress was kind of a flop. This dress is called the AE Oversized Fleece Babydoll Dress. I thought I’d be all over this because I love drop-waist dresses and this one is literally a giant sweatshirt, however it looked super awkward on me! Would not recommend.

This next one I surprisingly loved! It had very much Easter Sunday vibes for me. It’s called the AE Long Sleeve Square Neck Mini Dress. If I had the right occasion to wear this, I’d go back and pick it up! Very cute with some sandals or espadrille heels.

This next one I felt totally drowned in. I’m not sure if it was the print or the sleeves. I don’t know. I felt kind of like a grandma in this one, and usually I’m all for the grandma look! However, if you’re into the style the dress is very comfortable. It is called the AE Long Sleeve Babydoll Dress, and it does come in a dark black floral so maybe I’ll try that to see if I like it better on me.

This is the WINNER for me. It is called the AE Swing Babydoll Dress. I absolutely loved this dress. So my style. Loose, almost no shape, short and flirty. Give me the tennis sneakers and some sunglasses and I’m out the door people! Probably going to have to go back for this one…

Now, this is the dress I actually went into the store for. This is called the AE Ditsy Babydoll Dress, and when I saw it on the model online I was like “this is everything I could want in a dress.” Yet, once again, my larger chest and smaller waist have failed me. I love the style of it, but on me it’s a no go for sure. I tried it on in a size small, and it looks too big on me, but the extra small was a disaster. I wanted to love this but the cap sleeve and the neckline just weren’t doing it for me. I love the print so much, but the fit is not flattering. If you have a smaller chest, once again, I so recommend!

And lastly, I tried on this sunflower overall dress for fun! It’s called the AE Denim Dress Overall. You know me, I love a good pair of overalls. This is super fun and comfortable. If I were planning a day trip to Coney Island or was out East for something, I’d grab this. It’s definitely a statement. So cute!

That’s everything for this Sunday’s review! I have to say… American Eagle has a TON more dresses online so perhaps I’ll have to order a big haul and try those on for a review? Let me know in the comments down below! And check out last Sunday’s review while you’re at it 🙂

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