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Skincare is something that I only recently started paying attention to in my mid to late twenties. I used to be a Clinique moisturizer and go kind of gal. However, I realized as I was growing older that taking care of my skin now can help keep my skin healthy in the future.

Creating a cozy skincare routine in the fall in key for my dry skin. I need moisture upon moisture upon moisture.

The first step is always a salicylic acid face wash. A few years back I went to a dermatologist for some prescription skincare when my anxiety was at its peak, and she recommended that kind of specific face wash. Neutrogena has a reliable one, but I found the exact same result with the off-brand as well.

Second, I cleanse my face with micellar water. I am stunned when I see what is on my cotton pad after I wipe down my face. This really gets into my pores and cleanses.

The third step is a bit on the pricey side, but I find so worth it. During the pandemic when I had to wear a mask to work every day, I found my chin and my jawline especially breaking out. I researched what other people who had similar issues were doing to remedy it. The overwhelming response was Peter Thomas Roth’s Goodbye Acne moisturizer. I use this actually morning and night, and it’s made such a difference in my skin.

Next, I go in with almost a moisture barrier if you will. This night cream is amazing. It is so thick, luscious, and stays on all night. I can still feel my skin a tad tacky when I wake up in the morning. The Peter Thomas Roth Wrinkle Resist Moisturizer is phenomenal. Now, this bad boy comes in at a whopping $95 which is not affordable. However, I’v found a hack.

If you go to QVC’s website, they do bundles and deals on Peter Thomas Roth stuff all the time. For instance, I purchased this duo of the Wrinkle Resist Moisturizer and the Water Drench Moisturizer together for about $30. The little mini capsules last me a while. They currently are not running that promotion, but they are running a special on two Water Drench Moisturizers for only $40. QVC also has monthly payment options as well, which I frequent. Ulta Beauty is currently having a $28 deal on the combo I purchased!

Lastly, my final step is always a Laniege Lip Mask. I SWEAR by these. $22 for lip balm seems like a lot, but I purchased a pod of Gingersnap last year around November and I still use it. These are the best lip balms I’ve ever used, and they keep my lips hydrated all night.

I am hoping that these suggestions and links help you create your own cozy skincare routine!

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